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Living Together, Separating, Divorcing: Surviving During a Pandemic

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Living Together, Separating, Divorcing:
Surviving During a Pandemic

This website is based on the book of the same name that offers advice from over 70 leading Mediators and related professionals from 10 countries to help you deal with the loss of income, lack of accommodation, child care, and dealing with each other!

This Not-For-Profit publication is now available on Amazon.

As Peter Nicholson and I were developing ideas for this book from our home offices in Dublin and Florida, contacting contributors, and planning for its publication, I read an essay in the New York Times by Farhad Manjoo (April 22, 2020) describing his family’s life during the 24/7 COVID quarantine—children home from school with limited activities, spouses working remotely, everyone seeking occasional privacy.

Things are starting to break down. I don’t just mean psyche and soul and social bonds and sense of self. I mean ordinary, overworked things around the house: the dishwasher, the garage-door opener, the fridge door, the faucet in the kids’ bathroom, the towel hanger in the kids’ bathroom, the toilet in the kids’ bathroom. (Don’t ask) 

The reality for many is far worse. It’s a mess.

And, even if it’s temporary, lives will not quickly return to normal – whatever normal may look like once we are able to go to school and our jobs, get out of the house, and feel some sense of relief.

The strain on families at every social and economic level intensifies daily. Economic distress escalates as we figure out how to pay bills, apply for unemployment, worry whether our jobs will be there “after the virus,” and if they are, what sort of changes can we expect? Children are idle and restless. They have suddenly lost contact with friends, school mates, and teachers; they have fewer (if any) outlets for physical activity.

Children as well as their parents are trying to cope with rapidly organized distance learning courses.

Those tensions and worries are felt more intensely in families where couples are already separated or divorced, or where one or both partners have decided to end their marriage.

Living Together, Separating, Divorcing: Surviving During a Pandemic

Now available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats

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