As countries begin to “open up” and schools start a new year, we enter a new stage of learning to trust what we used to treat as normal. What lurks behind the school gate? Can we trust others to keep us safe? The strange seclusion of lockdown had a safety to it. We were within our own four walls. Our little bubble of loneliness and security.

As we move from the safety of our nest to the wide world again, we do so knowing that the virus is still active. Just out of sight but lurking. In order to live our lives, we are asked to trust governments, trust the guidelines, trust other people to behave the way we need. This can feel like a tall order. Anxiety is natural. But yet, step by step, our lives call us. Educating children, sharing times with friends, going to work.

This has to be possible, once again. Washing hands, social distancing and masks are the ‘new normal’ but so is hope in modern medicine, caring for each other and creating new ways of living our lives.