Pandemic Relationships

Living Together, Separating, Divorcing: Surviving During a Pandemic

Book Contents

Living together during a Pandemic introduction

  • Finding a pathway out of a challenging situation
  • Negotiating business plan for your relationship
  • Keeping the boat steady
  • What to do if you’ve lost income due to job loss or reduced hours
  • Moving from anxiety to clarity
  • Living in Harmony during COVID-19
  • “G” – It’s A Pandemic And We’re Stuck With Each Other
  • Impatience, conflict, and COVID-19
  • 3-Step problem solving: Improving any relationship with practical skillbuilding
  • Surviving during a Pandemic
  • Five uncomplicated ways couples can turn arguments into discussions
  • The balm of routine isolation
  • Carpe diem during coronavirus
  • Pandemic teen parenting
  • Is this Corona crisis a good time to dive deeper into our relationships?
  • Living together, not considering separation or divorce
  • Living in strange and challenging times: What children need
  • Having a PLAN for navigating conflict between parents during a Pandemic
  • COVID-19 – are you coping with the lockdown?
  • Common sense is not too common, it’s hard-earned
  • Surviving during a pandemic
  • Financial fixes during times of hardship
  • Do as I do, and then some…
  • Healthy tips for co-parenting in a cage
  • Every generation matters
  • Can’t we just get along? When College Co-eds Flee Home during COVID 19 to a House Divided

Trapped together when you want to separate introduction

  • Sheltering together and navigating apart – Fridge magnet philosophy
  • Boundaries
  • Diagnose and treat interpersonal conflict: a latent symptom of COVID-19
  • Grieving the loss when you can’t live separately
  • Splitting assets during a down market
  • “You deal with him!…..I can’t have him in the house anymore!!”
  • Feeling stuck: Time for necessary conversations
  • Do no harm: Should I move fast or slow?
  • For couples going through separation or divorce, making the big decisions along the way can be the hardest part
  • Waiting to divorce during the pandemic
  • Picture this!
  • Caring for your financial health during a Pandemic
  • A meditation for divorcing parents during COVID-19
  • Taking the heat out of being trapped together
  • Insights from Divorce Coaches
  • How to divorce/separate during a pandemic…
  • A short-term agreement could help you get through the Pandemic
  • Don’t become a statistic: seek out relational help
  • Online mediation helps families avoid court
  • Head to the moon
  • Co-parenting in the face of COVID-19
  • Change the nature of the interaction
  • Strategies for living separately but together
  • Thinking about the future – even during the pandemic
  • Even during a Pandemic, don’t forget your Bank!

How to deal with a Pandemic while separated or divorced introduction

  • Child-friendly tips for separated parents during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Grief and loss in family separation
  • Share empathy, structure, and play
  • How one person can diffuse high conflict situations during quarantine
  • Five financial tips when you are facing divorce
  • Where do you go when there is nowhere to go?
  • Child support account
  • Understanding the human wellness system to sustain our relationships during difficult times
  • Seven guidelines for parents who are divorced/separated and sharing custody of children during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Cooperation and co-parenting during a time of crisis
  • How trauma might affect relationship conflict during the COVID-19 Crisis: A brain based approach
  • Parenting while angry
  • What should parents think about in terms of transitioning their children between parents/significant others, during this COVID-19 crisis?
  • Visitation during the Pandemic – What is changing

True life experience

  • Kindness and compassion in times of fear and uncertainty
  • Never waste a crisis
  • Surviving to thrive: Parenting success in a time of Pandemic
  • Locked down with COVID-19
  • Reflections on parenting and mental health during COVID-19

Living Together, Separating, Divorcing: Surviving During a Pandemic

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